Our Story

Real estate agent to agent referrals have long been a source of business for real estate agents looking to refer business outside of their market. Typically these referrals are sent to individuals who an agent has a relationship with or perhaps to an agent who another agent has recommended somehow. Over the past few years, social media has played a large role in these referral exchanges. Unfortunately this isn't always the most reliable method in finding a great real estate agent who is a perfect fit for the individual needs of the client or clients being referred.

Solving this problem is the purpose of My Referral Agent. Our goal is to create a better way to exchange agent to agent referrals by bringing a culture of transparency and efficiency to the process without having to pay any additional referral fees.

The connection between clients having a world-class home buying or home selling experience and the broader perception of the real estate industry as a whole has always been top of mind for Austin, TX, Realtor Ricky Cain. In seeing and hearing numerous negative experiences from those who were referred to other agents, Ricky made a decision to focus on the plan and not the problem.

Once My Referral Agent was conceptualized, a broader game plan was needed and help was sought. This resulted in bringing on the technical expertise of Ben Peskoe, who had already found great success in the real estate industry with Sierra Interactive. Through other collaborations, Ricky knew the culture, ethics and technical experience Ben would bring to the company, and an amazing partnership was born.

The purpose of a business is to find a perfect life. Our perfect life is to be able to give back and help those less fortunate. In an effort to stick to this principle, we have decided to donate 10% of our quarterly profits for the life of the company to help children have access to higher level educational opportunities. The children are our future, and My Referral Agent intends on making the future bright for not only the real estate industry but for our future leaders!

Our mission is to take the guess-work out of referrals and bring a culture of transparency and accountability to the referral process.

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My Referral Agent's mission is to provide a state-of-the-art platform where real estate agents from around the globe have all of the reliable and verified information they need in order to make a well-informed decision when choosing an agent to work with their precious referral.


Our vision is to constantly improve upon our technology, features and systems by reviewing feedback and suggestions from our customers regularly and by researching new technologies as they present themselves in order to remain top of mind and provide value for all agents wanting to find that perfect referral agent.


Valuing and working toward the success of our members is the best approach for us to achieve success as a business. Every action we take reflects this core value.


We believe in the power of personal development and that our business only grows to the extent we do. We believe to continually aim to look in before we look out. Through honorable character and a passionate commitment, we strive to provide an honest real estate referral solution for centuries to come.


We are a company whose culture is based on always looking for a win-win while placing the needs of our customers first. We are a company who takes pride in constant innovation resulting in the improvement of the real estate industry reputation and those in it. We are a business that continually seeks to improve upon the standards while setting an example for other companies to follow.